Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Will the one-day Level 1 training help me resolve a specific emotional issue?
A: Some emotional issues are simple and can be resolved fairly rapidly. If this is the case and you are happy to reveal those problems within the workshop, then we are happy to use you as an example for everyone to learn from. However, some emotional issues seem simple on first glance but may originate in deeper past layers, which we call core issues and this takes longer more specific EFT work. If this is the case we may start in the workshop and give the person 'homework' to continue with on their own, so as not to bore the other workshop participants with that particular issue. On the other hand, it is more favourable that they work one-on-one with an EFT practitioner.
Q: How long do the results last?
A: Emotional healings, using EFT, are almost always long lasting. This is particularly true if you address the emotional events as specifically as possible. If a given emotional problem appears to "come back," however, an experienced practitioner will look for possible reasons. Some reasons could be that the issue was not dealt with specifically enough or a similar related issue has now come forward, which appears to be the original issue.
Q: Why is it better to attend a live workshop to learn EFT, rather than just reading up about it or learning it from a friend?
A: Agreeably EFT can be effective by using the absolute basics, however by learning EFT in more detail and being able to ask personal questions and seeing it in a working live situation has a multitude of benefits. An EFT practitioner has learnt to question in a way that the specific or core issue can be found and then removed using the EFT procedure. Someone with less or no experience may not get right to this stage and hence the problem returns. There is also psychological reversal, which would appear to jeopardise the results, but once trained, the practitioner can identify and eradicate.
Q: What about EFT and sceptics?
A: Many newcomers to EFT are sceptical because the process goes against their beliefs in a major way. It seems they cannot give 'all that tapping and all those words' any label other than "absurd."
In many cases, sceptics remain that way even if they try EFT and have success. Some times you see someone's headache disappear or their bothersome memory fade into nothingness and then hear that person "explain away" the results by some means other than EFT. This is to be observed, not criticized - it is human nature.

However as you proceed with EFT and it's methods and see more and more beneficial results, the less you doubt that emotional reactions are the result of a disruption in the body's energy system. By bringing the energy system into harmony and balance again using EFT, the emotion is discharged.

As an EFT practitioner you learn how to explain EFT in many different ways to sceptics (and others), according to their understanding and belief systems.

Testimonials on EFT Workshops

“Easy and effective process for a wide range of problems. The Level 1 workshop was most enjoyable!” H. d W. -Somerset West.

“EFT is simple and self-empowering.” T.C. -Somerset West.

“As a child I knew some of these points on my body that helped me when I touched them. Somewhere along the path of life I lost that knowledge. EFT may have given me back this knowledge! Time and practice will tell. It is a universal and practical technique.” I.M. –Cape Town

“I am excited about a peaceful and emotionally free life. All the possible help we can get is needed for better living. Thank you for a good workshop.” H.K. –Somerset West

“As a yoga teacher, I am hoping to incorporate EFT into my teaching. The Level 1 workshop was wonderful. Thank you, Anne.” J.B. – Somerset West

“It [EFT] appears to be really practical and envisioned. Works within, not dependant on outside authority. I intend incorporating it into my practice as a healer.” A.C. -Stellenbosch

“As an artist, EFT has the potential to get rid of creative blocks! It is surprisingly easy and incredibly effective. I like the fact that EFT has the potential to produce astounding effects. Looking forward to Level 2” L.vS. –Stellenbosch

“Well done – it can benefit us all. Many thanks.B.vA. –S/W

“I hope to use this knowledge to manage conflict and increase motivation in the workplace.” C.B. -Stellenbosch

“I’m thrilled to have learnt about EFT and have great hopes for personal peace and sorting out my direct family’s aches and pains. I think everyone can benefit from EFT.” S.P. – S/W

Last Update: June 2016