About Anne

Dr. Anne Combrinck (PhD), is a founder and senior educator from the Ananda Sanga Educational Institute in Somerset West, South Africa. She gave up a career at the CSIR, in Analytical Chemistry and Marine Research in 1992 (from 1977) to teach yoga and study further in the wellness and health field.

She has studied Kriya Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda in the USA, India and South Africa with respected and well known teachers. In the early 1990's she got involved with Energy Healing and studied Touch for Health, an early form of kinesiology; Specialised Kinesiology; eventually deciding to specialise in Educational Kinesiology which incorporates Brain Gym and Vision Circles (a vision enhancement programme). Unfortunately being too advanced for the years, as kinesiology was only starting to get known, she gave up practicing this field and continued only with yoga.

Teaching Career

Her teaching career started in 1987, with part-time yoga teaching and running workshops in Yoga and Meditation. Beginning 1992 she went into teaching nutrition, yoga and related yoga topics including kinesiology for Yoga Teachers, on a full-time basis and for many years has trained Yoga Teachers and Advanced Yoga Teachers. She occasionally gives talks for various yoga and other natural health conferences, and often conducts workshops and retreats both nationally and internationally.

She is also an author of many articles in the South African Natural Medicine Journal and other well-respected magazines in South Africa and internationally, and has written all her own training manuals and workshop materials.

EFT Background

In around 2004, she once again dabbled in the fascinating Energy Medicine field - eventually finding Energy Psychology and its sub-field Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This was incorporated into her Yoga Therapy practice and she found her students benefiting greatly. In October 2007 she made a trip to the USA and finalised training with an EFT Master, who encouraged her to share this knowledge with the people of South Africa. She now teaches Level 1 and Level 2 EFT, as approved by Gary Craig - the founder of EFT.

Her goals for the future include 'downloading' all the knowledge in her brain to her students and future students. "I believe I must share what I know with others to improve and increase their quality of life with Yoga and EFT," she says. She is also the eternal student, and loves to learn.

Ananda Sanga founded in 1991, is situated in Somerset West, a town approximately 45km from Cape Town, South Africa.

Anne & Mary
Anne with, Mary Stafford, EFT Master

Last Update: June 2016